Fagus Sylvatica (Green Beech)


Green beech adorns parks and estate gardens where their size can be fully appreciated, They are not for a small town garden unless grown as a hedge that can be trimmed to an appropriate size. They have beautiful apple green leaves in Spring which turn dark green during summer however it is their Autumn leaf colour that makes them so popular, orange red and yellow hue’s adorn the plant,It planted as a hedge the leaves stay attached to the tree over winter where they turn brown and hold on until Spring when the cycle begins again.It is an excellent tree for wildlife, moths feed on its leaves while birds and Squirrels eat its beech nuts.

Site Well-drained. 

Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade. 

Soil type: Any reasonable fertile soil . 

Height: 25m. Spread: 12m. 

Pot Size 10 L

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