Apple ‘Howgate Wonder’


This Apple variety is always larger than your average apple and, in many cases, it is quite simply huge. The skin is green with red-brown and yellow stripes. It is used as a cooking apple and for juicing, however as its ages in storage it becomes less sharp and becomes a lovely eating apple. Pest and Disease free.


Site: prefers a sheltered site, and a location where it won’t get morning sun to protect the blossom from frost.

Soil: Any well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter added

Flowering: Fragrant   white blossom in April – loved by bees

Harvest: Mid October-Mid December stores until March in a cool garage

Height: 2m x 2m Rootstock M9

Pollination By: partially self-fertile, but increased pollination if one of these trees is present. Idared, Granny Smith, Gala

Pot Size:     5L

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