Apple ‘Gloster’


Apple Gloster produces large fruit flushed with deep red. The flavour is very sweet and aromatic. Apart from providing an abundant yield of apples, this tree gives a prolific floral display in the spring, and vibrant autumn foliage makes it a stunner in Autumn. Can be used to make cider.


Site: prefers a sheltered site, and a location where it won’t get morning sun to protect the blossom from frost.

Soil: Any well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter added

Flowering: Fragrant Pink blossom in April – loved by bees

Harvest: October Stores until February

Height: 2m x 2m Rootstock M9

Pollination By:  Partially Self Fertile, but with pollinators such as Cox and Golden Delicious, yields are higher.

Pot Size:     5L

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